We provide several solutions and consulting services. Our focus is developing partnerships and collaborations in cutting edge technological projects.

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About GCPN Blockchain & Fintech

The company is created and supported by GameCredits - leading blockchain company in the region, and Predrag Nikolic - banking and IT industry expert with over 30 years of experience. We are future-oriented company with strong background, vast skillset and major expertise in multiple synergetic areas.

Payment processing

We focus on creating machine learning algorithms and multiple tools for data scientists to make sure that financial transactions will create additional value — and not just take storage place.

Blockchain solutions

Since our team comes from multiple backgrounds like gaming, gambling, academia, banking, telco and treasury, we are able to provide the highest possible level of expertise and tailor a solution for you.

Digital asset management

We believe that digital assets can and will be very interesting for the general audience. However, the approach should be very carefully executed with full regulatory compliance and support.

Blockchain stuff

Blockchain is a decentralized database, divided into blocks interconnected with nodes, which allows secure real-time transactions, using mathematical models for distributing encrypted information through a block of blocks.

We will be updating the list, and feel free to Contact us.

Here are some of the major areas we cover.

When it comes to technologies, our focus is on blockchain, big data, and machine learning. As we are very product-oriented in our own projects, we apply the same approach when working with partners. That’s why we cherry-pick the best solutions depending on the particular case.

Payment processing

Many companies already claim that blockchain is the future of payments. The technology, however, still has a lot of bottlenecks. These bottlenecks are in some cases desirable, since blockchain is meant to be temper-proof and reliable, not necessarily fast.

But many other cases require solutions that are not purely blockchain-based. Our platform combines the best of blockchain together with big data speed and analytical capabilities.

Combining the best from several technologies is the key to success. We are making sure that our system is scalable (up to 75000 transactions per minute with great capacity to scale much more) while the blockchain settlement layer ensures validity and trust of the operations.

Blockchain solutions

We fully understand that blockchain is a powerful technology. But just like anything else, the actual implementation depends heavily on the particular use case and the particular industry. That’s why we are open to partnerships, consulting and per-project execution of blockchain-related ideas.

We are bringing in our vast experience and deep understanding of blockchain fundamentals. Our expertise covers both public and private chains.

GameCredits, for example, is handling a digital currency on an open blockchain while at the same time it is a member of HyperLedger, a Linux Foundation alliance for blockchain development specializing on private (permitted) ledgers. We follow the same principles here — research the use case carefully, understand the needs, choose the best solutions and execute fast.

Digital asset management

We offer consulting services on digital asset portfolio creation for various institutions. The important thing is that we see it as a service that banks and other institutions can offer their clients.

Therefore we are not consulting on a private basis. Instead, we help our partners understand the world of digital assets, allowing them to create a portfolio that will be highly interesting to their clients.

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Predrag Nikolic
Banking and IT industry expert

The currency of GNation

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